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» Frequently Asked Questions from Customers

Baywest Appliance Service receives several frequently asked questions from our customers. We want to share some of those questions and their answers with you in the hope that they will answer some questions you may have.

Is my appliance worth repairing?
Baywest Appliance Service will give the unit a full diagnostic check to see if your appliance is worth repairing. Our technicians are experienced and will let you know if the cost of the repair is a better value than replacing the unit. You can then choose to have us make the repair or choose to replace with the ability to make an informed decision.

What is HE Soap and why do I need to use it?
HE stands for “High-Efficiency” and is a soap that is specially formulated as low-sudsing and quick dispersing for use in low water volume High Efficiency washing machines.

HE detergents are developed to hold soil in suspension in that lower volume of water so it is not re-deposited onto clean clothes.

Using a traditional laundry detergent in a high-efficiency washer will produce too many suds that will interfere with the tumbling action HE washers use to clean clothes and will not properly drain the water because it is trying to pump out suds and not liquid. It can also damage the electronic system and rust the bearings of the washer and may void the warranty. So if you are using normal soap in your HE machine, stop now and run some hot water washes with no detergent through your machine to try and clean it out.

Do I need to use a rinse agent in my dishwasher?
Rinse agents are used to help your dishwasher rinse away residue that causes spots and film on dishes and glasses. If the water does not stay on the dishes then in the drying cycle that water is not forming the spots and film. It is especially helpful when you use the energy saver cycles or the dishes are left to air dry.

What does Energy Star mean?
ENERGY STAR is a rating that was issued to show the product is energy efficient and meets strict energy efficiency guidelines. It shows the appliance is produced to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants and the symbol makes it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products. This is the link to more information regarding this rating:

I have an appliance that has water damage, what do I do?
It depends on how much water was surrounding the appliance and what the appliance is. It is always best to be safe and have a technician check out the appliance for you. Ensure you have disconnected the appliance from the power source and the water source and call us after it has dried up.

I just got a new washing machine and it’s jumping around, what is wrong?
Check to ensure you remembered to take out the shipping bolts and the appliance is levelled properly. If you have not done that you will damage your appliance. If those steps have been taken check if your load is unbalanced and readjust if necessary. If none of this helps, call us and we can check it out for you before any damage occurs.

My cooktop is cracked. Is it still safe to use?
We do not recommend it. However, it would depend on where the crack is and how large it is. Remember that a crack will spread and possibly cause more damage to the appliance. Definitely be concerned if you spill water into the crack as there are electronics underneath that will get damaged and cause an even costlier repair. Be ready to shut off the power to the appliance if anything happens and call us to see what we can do and price out for you.

Where do I find the model/serial tag?

Do I need to defrost my fridge/freezer before getting service?
Instances where defrosting IS necessary:

  • Ice buildup in freezer or fridge section
  • Icemaker and water dispenser not working

Instances where defrosting would hinder troubleshoot:

  • Freezer works but fridge not cooling
  • Loud noises

I am bringing my appliance into the shop…how do I properly transport it?
Click this link below for shipping instructions.

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